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CIM System with Distributed Database and Configurable Modules


The objective of this project is to develop a range of IT tools to enable the bidirectional transfer of data between the components of a CIM system and their functional integration. The components in question are those concerned with:

- product development
- production planning
- production control
- process coordination
- process monitoring and control
- process interface.
A software management and configuration system has been developed. It describes a software application as a parts list of all its components by using a self defined software engineering environment (SEE) model. The underlying version and variant management is done by a UNIX standard tool.
A prototype was made available on 02/04/92
The operating environment is as follows :
Operating system: UNIX, INFORMIX database management system (DBMS)
A number of applications from these fields will be developed or adapted and will be installed in selected industrial and laboratory test-beds.

The tools will be applicable to both the discrete parts manufacturing and continuous and discontinuous process industries.

The following tools will be developed:

- Interface Management System (INMAS): an individually configurable software interface supporting data exchange between different CIM applications. This tool consists mainly of two components: a communication control management module and a general information management and control component. To access data INMAS uses a neutral interface based on SQL called gateway.
- Configuration System (COSY): this will support the individual configuration of software systems at application, functional and data structure level. A COSY tool will further manage program version and release information.
- Distributed Database (DDB): this will allow CIM applications to access databases or files resident on physically remote systems as if they were local. Gateways needed by INMAS will be also a result of DDB activities.
- Man-Machine Interface (MMI): starting from a previous ESPRIT project this will provide tools supporting the automatic creation of graphical user interfaces. Another goal of MMI is the definition of a common user interface across the range of systems and applications of CIDAM.

All CIDAM tools will be based on industry standard providing a high degree of hardware independence.


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