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Globalization of domestic work: the case of Moldovan migrant women in Turkey


The general framework of this project is gender dimension of migration. It is designed to investigate the new trends of globalization of domestic work in the Turkish context by focusing on Moldovan women migrants. The aims of the project are to understand and analyse the impact of the recent migration movements on Turkey through the Moldovan case.

Turkey as a traditionally migrant sending country has become a migration receiving country in the recent years and started to receive migrants -mostly irregular migrants- from the Eastern Europe. One of the important aspects of this new movement is related to gender. Women have comprised a significant proportion of migrants.

This project will focus on women migrants from Moldova. In the last decade, women migrants from Moldova joined the migration movements mainly due to the extensive informal labour market structure in the Turkish economy, geographical proximity and liberal visa regulations.

Ethnicity also plays its role in choosing Turkey as a destination country; most of the Moldovan women migrants are Gagauz Turks who are Christian Turks and speak Turkish. They are recruited mainly in domestic services. In this context, Moldovan female migrants present an example of the globalization of domestic work.

Therefore, in this research, the case of Moldovan domestic workers in Turkey will be analyzed and the gender dimension and dynamics of migration movements directed to Turkey from the ex-socialist countries will be discussed through the findings of an extensive proposed field work.

The proposed contribution of this project is a comprehensive analysis of the commonalities and peculiarities of the Moldovan case in Turkey in the wider context of globalization of domestic works.

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