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A CREATION of new methodology for the analysis of the influence of textiles on human beings

Final Report Summary - CREATION (A creation of new methodology for the analysis of the influence of textiles on human beings)

The objectives of this project are the creation and verification of a complex way of analysing the effects of textiles on human organisms and the perception of that textile by humans in respect of their influence on skin. The underlying concept of the research is based on the development of a methodology concerning the estimation of hand of textiles by the three independent inputs. The first one is creating the model of hand of textiles based on the human skin anatomy and physiology. The skin transfers the impulses generated in the human organism coming from the stimulation by the textiles. The second one is performing the subjective hand measurement - perception of textiles by the individuals. This part is based on physical test in volunteers having a contact with different textiles. Finally, the third part is the objective hand measurement, total-hand-value (THV) measurements, which is performing the mechanical tests on selected textiles samples. The collection of these three aspects allowed for creation of novel and unique methodology for estimation of hand of textiles. This methodology utilises a three-dimensional (3D) finite element modelling of human skin versus mechanical, thermal stimulation of skin by the textiles. Thus, the final phase consists on creation a sensorial process modelling based on stimulation of human skin by textiles. The objectives were achieved through multidisciplinary research of textile engineers, anatomists, neurologists from Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital. This project is tailored in order for the fellow to reach well-defined objectives in terms of career advancement. The schedule and the framework of a main research concept is a complement of the training activities and a personal career development plan, which head for a development of the scientific skills and knowledge of the fellow and a support of a fellow at present stage of her career, an enhancement of her competence diversification in terms of new skills acquisition at multidisciplinary level. The project aroused a consciousness of textiles engineers, textile industry related to production of skin-friendly textiles, physiologists, neurologists in reference to the perception of textiles through the skin and its possible impact on final purchase behaviour of the consumers.