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The gauge gravity duality and its applications to real world strongly coupled systems


The fellow’s research area is high energy theoretical physics. Specifically, in using methods from string theory to
understand some of the most complex, and least understood areas of elementary particle physics. Through a
profound observation into the link between theories of gravity, described by string theory, and the fundamental
forces of particle physics, we have access to tools which allow insight into some of the most complicated areas of
fundamental physics. Not only is this allowing us to answer questions about these forces which would previously
have been impossible, but it is also giving us a deeper understanding into the very nature of space and time. In
addition to this, advances in the field over the last few years have meant that we are now able to use these same
methods from string theory to look at condensed matter phenomena, which can be studied in the laboratory but
where an understanding of their underlying mechanisms is still lacking. In this proposal an outline is given of the
ways in which the fellow will be able to answer some of the remaining questions in this fascinating area. From the
ideas set out in this proposal a series of important results over the two year period of the fellowship can be
The areas of application which will be discussed in detail are:
1) String theory methods for understanding thermodynamic and hydrodynamic properties of the strong force at
high temperature.
2) String theory methods for understanding mesonic and baryonic physics in cold nuclear matter and in the high
temperature phase.
3) String theory methods for understanding superconductivity and superfluidity.
The interdisciplinary aspects of this proposal linking string theory, heavy ion physics, high energy experimental
physics, lattice and condensed matter

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Johanna Erdmenger (Dr.)
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