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Organization and Dynamics of Respiratory Electron Transport Complexes in Cyanobacteria


Localisation and interactions of the Vipp1 protein in cyanobacteria

Author(s): Isabel Llorente-Garcia; Isabel Llorente-Garcia; Dmitriy Shevela; Conrad W. Mullineaux; Lutz A. Eichacker; Samantha J. Bryan; Mark C. Leake; Eva Rupprecht; Jianfeng Yu; Nigel John Burroughs; Dirk Schneider; Peter J. Nixon; Quan Xue; Giulia Mastroianni; Lu-Ning Liu
Permanent ID: PubMed Central ID:PMC4297356; PubMed ID:25308470; Digital Object Identifier:10.1111/mmi.12826

Investigation of photosynthetic membrane structure using atomic force microscopy

Author(s): Liu, Lu-Ning; Scheuring, Simon
Published in: HAL CCSD ISSN: 1360-1385 2013
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.tplants.2013.03.001

Co-existence of photosynthetic and respiratory activities in cyanobacterial thylakoid membranes.

Author(s): Mullineaux, Conrad W.
Published in: Elsevier BV 2014
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.bbabio.2013.11.017

Electron transport and light-harvesting switches in cyanobacteria.

Author(s): Mullineaux, Conrad W.
Published in: Frontiers Media S.A. 2014
Permanent ID: PubMed Central ID:PMC3896814; PubMed ID:24478787; Digital Object Identifier:10.3389/fpls.2014.00007

Single-molecule in vivo imaging of bacterial respiratory complexes indicates delocalized oxidative phosphorylation

Author(s): Conrad W. Mullineaux; Tchern Lenn; Tchern Lenn; Heiko Erhardt; Sheng-Wen Chiu; Mark C. Leake; Sarah Matthews; Carlos Bustamante; Thorsten Friedrich; Jae Yen Shin; Christopher D. Bray; Alex Robson; Isabel Llorente-Garcia; Isabel Llorente-Garcia; Sang-Hyuk Lee; Jan Liphardt; Nicky J. Willis; Oliver Harriman; Lu-Ning Liu
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.bbabio.2014.01.020

Control of electron transport routes through redox-regulated redistribution of respiratory complexes

Author(s): Samantha J. Bryan; Fang Huang; Conrad W. Mullineaux; Peter R. Rich; Lu-Ning Liu; Jianfeng Yu; Peter J. Nixon
Published in: Elsevier BV 2012
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1073/pnas.1120960109; Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.bbabio.2012.06.366; PubMed Central ID:PMC3396541; PubMed ID:22733774