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Entanglement, decoherence and phase transitions in nanoscale spintronics


We plan to consider the effect of decoherence on quantum effects in nanoscale spintronic devices. This will further our understanding of quantum mechanics (entanglement, tunnelling, Onsager relations, Kondo physics, etc) in the presence of decoherence.

We investigate how decoherence destroys these quantum effects allowing classical mechanics to emerge. In particular we ask when this crossover involves quantum phase transitions, and what determines the universality class of these transitions. We will concentrate on solving models with relevance to experiments in nanoscale spintronics.

We will work in collaboration with experimentalist to ensure these models are realistic. The problems we consider will have significant practical applications, improved understanding of decoherence in spintronics will enable the development of decoherence-resistant devices.

This proposal will greatly broaden and enhance the experience of the candidate, enabling him to achieve a position of professional maturity and independence. The skills he develops will be extremely useful in the growing field of spintronics, and in nano-science more broadly.

Call for proposal

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