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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Interactive evaluation platform for virtual design and production facility planning in a data-sharing environment


Product lifetime and time-to-market has been decreasing over the past few years causing the need for shorter design, prototyping and production cycles in all areas of industry. IEP aims to contribute to a reduction of product innovation times by shortening these processes in industrial applications.
IEP's objective is to integrate the existing technology of CAx with new developments in IT. A new approach to information sharing between parties involved in the development cycle will be initiated using an innovative 3-D visualisation platform for interactive modification and simulation of a product.

The main objectives of the project will be as follows,
- Development of a new Interactive Evaluation IT-Platform (IEP) based on the virtual simulation concept to support fully digital product development schemes for design, prototyping, production and marketing, regarding de-facto as well as existing standards such as STEP;
- Elaboration of a common platform, providing integrative tools for modelling and selective access of subsets of the digital product representation, allowing an interactive exploitation and simulation of digital product models;
- Integration of all parties (in-house or 'outsourced') involved in product development by using the platform for presentation, interaction and evaluation;
- Application of new concepts for man-machine interaction facilities, modelling of product data, simulation of products and assessing of product models in a distributed environment.
The final result will be an industrially applicable IT platform to interactively analyse and evaluate digital product models. Although the platform will be applicable generically, the application will focus on the 'construction machinery' and 'manufacturing facility planning' domains, where besides the applicability, the technical and economic outcome of the project will be validated and demonstrated.

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