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Long-lived laser-based photoluminescence detection techniques in micro-separation systems for the analysis of peptides in biological matrices


New techniques are urgently needed for the analysis of peptides in biological samples, for instance in the field of searching for tumour biomarkers or within the context of drug discovery.

Currently the combination of efficient microseparations and sensitiv e laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) detection is widely used. Unfortunately, LIF usually requires derivatization of the analytes, giving rise to complications especially when dealing with extremely low analyte concentrations in the presence of an excess of chemical interferences. Furthermore, biological samples often show a strong fluorescent background.

We will develop two alternatives for LIF, both based on time-resolved luminescence in the millisecond range.
- Quenched laser-induced phosphorescence detection, applicable without chemical derivatization. It will be coupled to miniaturized separation systems for biomarker detection.
- Time-resolved energy transfer luminescence detection for homogeneous bioassays coupled on-line to liquid chromatography, a zero-background detection technique that directly provides information about the biological activity of analytes.

The postdoctoral fellow (experienced in bioanalytical separations) will receive a theoretical and practical training in lasers, novel spectroscopic principles and optics; subsequently emphasis will be on the coupling of time-resolved luminescence with liquid separation methods. The host group participates in the Laser Centre Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (LCVU, recognized as large scale research facility by the EU), and collaborates with VU Medical Centre, which warrants the efficient exchange of expertise and instrumentation.

Weekly research seminars are given in English, discussing the most recent developments in adjacent fields of analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and biomedical sciences. The fellow will also attend a broad range of symposia and specialty courses to deepen her knowledge and further develop her academic skills.

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