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Terabit Optical Processing using Comb Locked Amplified Signal Synthesis

Final Report Summary - TOP CLASS (Terabit Optical Processing using Comb Locked Amplified Signal Synthesis)

Signal processing of optical signals is applied today in many fields including telecommunications, metrology, and in various disciplines in optical sensing/analysis (ranging from environmental sensing through the biological and medical sciences to security). In order for optical signal generation to be used in the future it is essential to be able to generate optical signals with parameters that go well beyond those attainable electronically – indeed we contend that optical signals will need to promise at least an order of magnitude better performance than those obtained electronically. Thus, arbitrary signals with bandwidth and/or repetition rate of ~1 THz (electronics signals are typically bandwidth/repetition rate limited to ~100 GHz) will be required. To achieve this goal, full control over the amplitude and phase of large-bandwidth high repetition rate optical signals is needed.