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Ethnic Conflict, Cross-Community Practices & Transversal Assemblages

Final Report Summary - TRANSVERSAL POLITICS (Ethnic Conflict, Cross-Community Practices & Transversal Assemblages)

The past three academic years (2010-2013), during the course of my Marie Curie RG were very decisive in the development of my academic career. During this time I conducted my project ‘Transversal Politics—Ethnic Conflict, Cross-Community Practices & Transversal Assemblages’ at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy, at Cardiff University, UK.
At the heart of this project I explored collaborative modes of resistance in settler-colonial societies, particularly in Israel-Palestine. This investigation enabled me to highlight intercultural modes of being as alternative ways of existence to the divisions that characterise colonial, ethnic-conflict ridden societies. During the period of the Grant I have published the outcomes of my investigations in one monograph and one edited book, four journal articles and two book-chapters. By the end of the period of the Grant I was involved in writing another monograph and producing another edited collection. This production was disseminated through conference participation and invited lectures in the UK and overseas.
During the course of this fellowship I received unconditional administrative and academic support from the School of English, Communication and Philosophy, and especially from my supervisor, Professor Ian Buchanan. Without the encouragement of any of these, I could not have produced many of the components of my work. Words fail to express my deep gratitude to Cardiff University. Further, the institutional and substantial economic support of the European Fellowship has contributed to a turning point in my academic career.
On March 2012 I was successful in my application for a permanent position as Lecturer in the School of History & Politics at the University of Wollongong, Australia. During March I moved to Australia to take this position and since then I have been visiting Cardiff University to maintain my academic relations developed since 2008. The move did not change the rhythm of engagement with Prof. Ian Buchanan, the scientist in charge.
My personal progress as an academic, my achievements in publications and finally, the capacity to secure a permanent academic job – which is a luxury these days – are all the result of the European Commission’s support through both, the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship, and the Marie Curie Reintegration Grant. I would like to offer my profound thanks to the 7th European Community Framework Programme.