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Celiac Disease HLA typing using microfabricated genoSENSarray


Coeliac disease (CD) is a gluten-sensitive enteropathy that affects as much as 1% of the population. Patients with CD should maintain a lifelong gluten-free diet, in order to avoid serious complications. It is essential to diagnose CD at the earliest possible conjecture. The Human Leukocyte Antigen system (HLA) is the human major histocompatibility complex. HLA typing is fundamental in hystocompatibility and previous to solid organ and bone marrow transplantation. In CD, HLA typing can find application in establishing the genetic risk and the association between certain HLA types. The overall objective of CD-HLAsens is therefore to develop a generic technological platform for CD point-of-care diagnostics capable of genomic detection with electrochemical transduction. Genosensors microarrays for the screening of CD disease will be developed based on the detection of nucleic acids associated with genetic predisposition, i.e. HLA typing. Such detection strategy could be used for general population screening but also for neonatal screening. Together with classical assay formats, novel biomolecule detection schemes based on supramolecular associations will be developed with the aim to fine tune the specificity and sensitivity of the sensors. The Researcher will design, new surface chemistry for the functionalisation and operation of the genosensors arrays based on the experiences gained during his previous MC fellowship and new research avenues he has identified (novel sensor surface patterning, electrochemical detection schemes for low resolution HLA typing). In addition, the researcher proposes to continue the successful development of a microfabricated genosensors array, focusing on sensor and microfluidics integration as well as connectivity issues (on chip integration and assay (HLA typing in <15 minutes)). Finally, more emphasise should be brought on the consideration of regulations and commercialisation considera

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€ 45 000,00
43003 Tarragona

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Rosa Solà Alberich (Prof.)
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