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Monitoring of cell signaling pathways via interaction of fluorescently tagged proteins


At present, fundamental questions in biomedical translational research require the use of non invasive nanometer resolution techniques that facilitate the study of cell structure and function in vivo. The proposed project is highly interdisciplinary: it encompasses advanced research techniques in biophysics, cell physiology, and molecular biology. The long term aim of the project is to establish a cutting-edge multidisciplinary program in biomedical and translational research at the Department of Biophysics at the P.J. Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia. The foundation of this program is laid out within EU structural fund projects CEVA I and II and SEPO I and II. The applicant, Dr. Stroffekova has advanced knowledge of cell physiology and biophysics, and was therefore approached to participate in the design and planning of the infrastructure for above mentioned EU projects, and to carry on her further research at the Department of Biophysics. The specific objectives of the present project are to introduce new research methodologies that will be used within infrastructure and to expand the scientific potential at the Department of Biophysics. Specifically, the project will introduce and establish electrophysiological measurements by whole cell patch clamp, site-directed mutagenesis and creation of fluorescent fusion proteins (FFPs) for application in confocal microscopy and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) measurements, and immunocytochemistry. All these methodologies will be used in novel approach to quantify the onset and modulation of apoptosis by FFPs, which will expand research capabilities for a molecule targeted photodynamic therapy in malignant cells. The proposed project and its funding will greatly improve applicant’s abilities to establish a continuation and transfer of her research from USA to Slovakia, to introduce proposed methodologies in the Department of Biophysics, and to firmly anchor her long term career in Slovakia.

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