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Evolution of Dense Star Clusters with Massive Black Holes


In this proposal we outline our programme for developing a software environment for simulating dense star clusters, the formation and evolution of massive black holes in these systems, and their interactions. We propose to develop a computer code which brings together the attractive aspects of direct N-body integration (realism, minimal simplifying assumptions) and Monte Carlo techniques (speed, ability to handle large number of particles). Our new code will allow us to simulate the evolution of rich clusters containing massive black holes with unprecedented realism. As a particular application we will test the validity of orbit library method for globular clusters domain. In addition, we will extend direct N-body approach of modeling these systems, by using a realistic number of stars. The simulations we plan to carry out will also provide insight on galactic nuclei, in particular the inspiral and the capture of intermediate mass black holes by supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies.

Call for proposal

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