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Upgraded Facility for Development of Silicon and Diamond Particle Detector Systems


The trend in nuclear and particle physics experiments is to deploy ever more specialized particle detector systems. However, the facilities in Europe are often overbooked to meet the requirements for the timely development and testing of such systems. This project aims to improve the detector systems development and testing capabilities of the nuclear and particle physics laboratories of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute (RBI), in order to satisfy the demands of these modern experiments. The staff involved has an excellent knowledge of the experimental techniques involved, particularly concerning the modern trends employing silicon and diamond detectors. They are active in top European research centers such as CERN and GSI, but lack of adequate state-of-the-art equipment at RBI hinders the full utilization of their potential. Novel detectors and instrumentation will be acquired. Partnerships with seven European institutions that possess exceptional know-how will be strengthened, and experienced researchers exchanged with them. Thematic workshops will be organized. Qualified scientists that will enhance the research capacity will be hired, and be hopefully integrated at the facility. Realization of this project will have a synergetic effect, resulting in a high quality detector system development facility, as well as in an enhanced performance of large European physics experiments. The most skilled staff will be retained, preventing brain drain. RBI will be able to maintain and increase its involvement in cooperative research projects with EU partners as it will become qualified to participate on equal footing in the experimental development, running and upgrading of international collaborative experiments. The upgraded facility will be unique in Croatia with potential benefits for the broader scientific community and national universities and industry.

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Bijenicka Cesta 54
10000 Zagreb
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Research Organisations
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€ 1 319 612,70
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Stjepko Fazinic (Dr.)