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Identification, Preparation and Dissemination of Hydrogen Safety Facts to Regulators and Public Safety Officials


HyFacts aims to develop training material for Regulators and Public Safety Officials, which are responsible persons and work for entities, having to position themselves in the increasing number of upcoming installation of hydrogen-related technologies. The training material will focus on the fundamental aspects of hydrogen safety and on the safety approaches and criteria developed in standards and according to which hydrogen systems are engineered for the safe use of hydrogen under all circumstances.

Hydrogen (H2) and its related technologies are relatively new to institutions which are dealing with issues like building regulations, local regulations, public safety and permission of technical installations. Most of the staff of these institutions does not have the necessary knowledge to judge on safety aspects based on real facts but tend to take decisions on the basis of either obsolete or incomplete knowledge or refuse to take any decision at all. This situation leads to heavy delay of decisions or to technically unreasonable, costly and sometimes also very ineffective safety measures to obtain the approval for a hydrogen installation or the allowance to install or operate hydrogen related technologies.

Significant efforts will be devoted to identifying and prioritizing the audiences that would need to be trained to facilitate the commercialization of hydrogen and its related technologies. A vision and road-map for the establishment of permanent training activities for the targeted audiences by recognized institutions, along with the proposal specific initiatives will be an important outcome of the project.

A large amount of new data on the behaviour of hydrogen has been developed during the last years (e.g. HySafe). These are now being applied for the design of new products and applications. It is therefore very important that the persons in charge of ensuring public safety be trained on these new safety approaches.

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