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Intelligent information management
The LOD Around-The-Clock (LATC) Support Action aims to help institutions and individuals in publishing and consuming quality Linked Data on the Web.
Progress in the areas of large-scale data processing, data integration and information quality assessment increasingly depends on the availability of large amounts of real-world data.
The emerging Web of Linked Data is the largest source of multi-domain, real-world and real-time data that currently exists, containing billions of assertions and spanning diverse domains: media companies such as the BBC and Reuters, pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson, as well as the US and UK governments are publishing Linked Data on the Web.
This global data space allows the development of applications that benefit from the universal identifiers (URIs) and the uniform data model (RDF) over a scalable protocol for data access (HTTP).

To meet the challenges of the Objective 4.3 'Intelligent Information Management' it is necessary to have access to large-scale, heterogeneous real-world data for use in experiments, prototypes and demonstrators.
Linked Data technologies have rapidly gained momentum in the last two years as the primary means for publishing data on the Web. The uptake of Linked Data technologies has lead to the extension of the Web with a public Linked Data space containing more than 6.7 billion pieces of information, making it by far the largest source of multi-domain, real-world data currently in existence. This data space is increasingly being used for both research efforts and real-world applications.As a result of its explosive growth, several problems have emerged within the LOD data space, including the sparsity of links between datasets, the quality of these links, the lack of well documented tools for publishing and consuming data, and the lack of a good data source inventory.The LATC ('LOD Around The Clock') Support Action will improve the quality of the Linked Open Data space to enable FP7 projects to leverage it for research purposes. Building on the success of the W3C Linking Open Data (LOD) project, key participants of this effort have gathered in LATC to support the implementation of the EC Framework Programmes by:
+ Deploying an open, 24/7 infrastructure for the creation of millions of high-quality data links between widely used Web data sources.
+ Providing an open source library of Linked Data tools, which will support research projects in publishing and consuming Linked Data from the Web.
+ Create a test-bed for data intensive applications by publishing datasets produced by European institutions as Linked Data on the Web.
+ Supporting institutions as well as individuals with tutorials and best practices concerning Linked Data publication and consumption.

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