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Trustworthy Clouds – Privacy and Resilience for Internet-scale Critical Infrastructure

Project description

Trustworthy ICT

Protecting critical infrastructures providing communications, energy, or healthcare presents increasing ICT challenges as ICT itself has become vital to them. Internet-scale ICT infrastructures ("infrastructure clouds") promise scalable virtualised computing, network, and storage resources over the Internet. They provide scalability and cost-efficiency but pose significant new privacy and resilience challenges. Clouds may evolve into a single point of failure, threaten all dependent ICT, and put the Future Internet at risk.TCLOUDS builds a resilient Future Internet platform by progress in four areas:1) Addressing the legal and business implications while building a regulatory framework for enabling privacy-enhanced cross-border infrastructure clouds.2) Architecture and prototypes for a federation of trustworthy infrastructure clouds that build on complementary and mutually re-enforcing technical approaches:a) A Trustworthy Infrastructure Cloud enables individual providers to offer more resilient and privacy-aware infrastructure clouds.b) Privacy and Resilience for Commodity Clouds enables end users to put a security layer on top of existing commodity infrastructure clouds to enforce their security objectives.c) Federated Cloud-of-cloud Middleware offers privacy-protection and resilience beyond any individual cloud. This expands trust from trusted (enterprise-internal) clouds to less trusted (off-shored) ones or federates a set of partially trusted providers into a trustworthy and adaptive federation.3) Validation and impact through benchmark scenarios:a) Smart power grids connect renewable energy sources and users. It is a premier example of an Internet of Things.b) Home healthcare provides prophylaxis to citizens. We focus on the privacy and usability challenges of cross-border usage of personal data.4) Collaboration with complementary standardisation and FP7 projects maximises impact and fosters a European Trustworthy Cloud ecosystem.

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Südösterreich Kärnten Klagenfurt-Villach
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Klaus-Michael KOCH (Dr.)
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