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Investigation of speech perception processes in the context of the development of a stimulation and acquisition system designed for electrophysiological and psychophysical cognitive neuroscience studies


For several years, our team has been involved in auditory and speech perception studies using behavioural and electrophysiological techniques both at fundamental and clinical research levels. We now plan to pursue our research around two themes. The first one will be devoted to the investigation of audiovisual speech perception mechanisms and the second one will consider the development of language-specific phonologic categories as a function of language exposition.

While conducting our previous experiments, we repeatedly faced huge delays related to either the non-flexibility of commercially available evoked potentials clinical systems or the poor ergonomics of research systems. Almost each time that we conceived a new paradigm or experimental condition, this required the local conception and construction of electronic interface devices as well as of software modules. Moreover, since the available research systems needed to run original stimulation algorithms have not been designed for clinical work, they induce much too long set up times that are incompatible with applications involving clinical populations, especially children and geriatric/psychiatric patients who are the main clinical target populations of ERPs and cognitive studies.

Our previous scientific and technical experience thus enables us to clearly define the requirements of an ideal system as regard the stimulation, data acquisition and data analysis aspects of electrophysiological (as well as psychophysical) experiments. We thus consider that time has come to exchange this knowledge with the highly expert engineering team of ANT software in order to, while pursuing our research program, embark in a joint venture leading to the design and production of an psychophysical and electrophysiological system that would meet the needs of both fundamentalists and clinicians engaged in cognitive neuroscience studies.

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