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All-solid-state quantum electrodynamics in photonic crystals

Final Report Summary - ALLQUANTUM (All-solid-state quantum electrodynamics in photonic crystals)

In ALLQUANTUM we have experimentally studied a platform for photonic quantum-information processing based on single "artificial atoms" (so-called quantum dots) embedded in photonic nanostructures. The long-term goal is to exploit photons and quantum dots to construct "quantum networks". At the starting point of ALLQUANTUM the fundamental physics of the complex photon emitters in the complex photonic nanostructures was not well understood and researched. The exciting outcome of the project is that the exploited platform now is very promising for scalable quantum-information processing. Notable achievements have been the experimental demonstration that a single photon and a single quantum dot can be deterministically interfaced and that a single quantum dot can be operated as a nonlinearity sensitive at the fundamental level of a single photon.