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DNA Based Nanoelectronics


We propose to study electrical transport in two types of one-dimensional DNA-metal hybrid systems: (a) DNA modified gold nanoparticles pearl chains, and (b) DNA templated metal nanowires. We will analyse systems type (a) in two steps. First, we will study the transport through very short thiol functionalized single DNA molecules using the mechanically controllable break junction (MCBJ) technique.

This method allows obtaining electrodes where their separation is controlled with sub atomic precision. In this step, we will give an emphasis to the following issue: What is the conductance of various short DNA molecules, and is it sequence dependent? This information we will use in the next step to engineer gold colloids-DNA chains. We will study the chains in three-terminal (transistor) geometry. In parallel we will fabricate systems type (b) from different metals, of various lengths and diameters. We will analyse the transport through these systems in detail by attaching them directly to metallic electrodes. A synergetic influence of chemical and physical properties of nanowires on charge transport will be studied in order to obtain systematic characterization.

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