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Chemical biology of natural products in plant-bacteria interactions

Final Report Summary - CHEMBIOLPBINT (Chemical biology of natural products in plant-bacteria interactions)

Within this project, we have investigated novel approaches for the identification of phytoactive small molecules as well as their synthesis and the elucidation of their underlying molecular mode-of-action. A particular focus was thereby put on bioactive small molecules from bacterial sources.
To this end, we developed methodologies that enabled us to i) characterize the in planta bioactivity of small molecules on a molecular level, for example by the use of modern –omics approaches such as transciptomics or proteomics and ii) to elucidate the direct molecular targets of bioactive small molecules via chemical biology approaches such as competitive activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) or compound-centric chemical proteomics (CCCP). We applied these methodologies to bioactive small molecules that were either generated by chemical synthesis in our laboratory or were provided by external collaborations. These studies have led to several new chemical tools that can now be used as chemical probes in plant biology research.