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Advanced Intelligent Machine Adaptive Control System

Final Report Summary - AIMACS (Advanced Intelligent Machine Adaptive Control System)

Executive Summary:

The objective of AIMACS is to develop active, self-optimizing “intelligent” adaptive control systems which will continuously analyse a wide range of monitored parameters of the machining process and automatically adapt the machine operation in real-time to its optimal performance. AIMACS will develop reliable techniques for monitoring the most critical machining parameters such as cutting load, vibrations and energy consumption. Based on this information and taking into account the costs for machining time, maintenance time, energy, etc. AIMACS will optimise in real time the overall production process based on productivity/cost criteria in order to ensure effective adaptive and sustainable machining.
Please refer to the atteched PDF for detailed Information.

Project Context and Objectives:
The conducted work started the specification of a multi-layer, multi-criteria optimisation system (Work Package 2).
After research on the driving parameters (Work Package 3), fundamental research was done for creating suitable optimisation algorithms (Work Packages 4 & 5).
The resulting appraoches were implemented in hardware and software modules, and their intercommunication was established (WP 6).
In the final project stage, the modular prototype system was installed in machine demonstrators. After their ramp-up (WP 7), they were evaluated in a field-test (WP8).
Please refer to the atteched PDF for detailed Information on each work pacake.

Project Results:
Major results can be seen in the single modules of the proposed optimisation system.
The partners of the consortium are planning to build commercial products for production optimisation on different levels (factory-wide, machine-specific).
Details on the different results can be found in the sections on technical results in the attached PDF as well as in the exploitation plan.

Potential Impact:
As a plug-and-produce system, AIMACS will be applicable to newly built machines and also for retrofit to the installed base of existing machines in the European manufacturing industry. Since the installed base of machines in Europe is estimated to be more than 1,000,000 machines, the impact of AIMACS on the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the European domestic manufacturing will be very substantial.

List of Websites:

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