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Megajoule Plasma-Focus PF-1000 Device


This is an invitation for trans-national access to and scientific exploitation of the world's largest Plasma-Focus device PF-1000 (1.2MJ) operating within the framework of the International Centre for Dense Magnetised Plasmas at the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, Warsaw, Poland. This Centre was established under auspices of the UNESCO in 1999 and functions as a reference facility for the international community of scientists working in the field.

The PF-1000 is at the moment one of the most intense pulsed neutron sources (5*10^11 neutrons/discharge) with promising experimental and theoretical scaling laws to higher values. Strong bursts of other ionising radiation: soft and hard X-rays, streams of electrons and ions as well as plasma streams (with velocity higher than 100km/s) accompany discharges. Dense (up to 10^20cm^-3) and hot (~1keV) current carrying plasma, created on the device axis, is also a very interesting object for different fundamental as well as applied investigations and attracts interest of research workers from many countries.

While the general features of phenomena occurring in the plasma-focus discharges have been known for several years there is still no detailed understanding of the structure of the current sheath which is responsible for anomalous impedance (caused by micro-instabilities) and subsequent generation of ion and electron beams which create high yields of X-rays and neutrons. Europe does not have large-scale high current discharge facilities at present. There is a renewal of international interest in such research. A new, big Plasma-Focus (with 0.4MJ condenser bank) has been accomplished lately at the University of Texas, Austin. Several smaller ones, for technological applications, are in preparation. Thus an incorporation of the Mega Joule Plasma-Focus PF-1000 into European Research Area seems to be of significant importance.

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