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European Centre of Excellence for Research and Education in Cutting Technologies


The European Centre of Excellence for Research and Education in Cutting Technologies (ECCT) is a unique European competence centre unifying the expertise in different high performance cutting technologies of the Institute of Materials Science (IW) of the University of Hannover and the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.
- Thermal cutting (plasma arc, oxy fuel, contact arc metal)
- Laser Cutting (high power and precision cutting)
- Water Jet Cutting,
- Under Water Cutting

The ECCT was initiated in 2000 with the aim of co-ordinating the activities of 3 research units of the above-mentioned member institutes in the area of high performance cutting. It offers outstanding cutting expertise under a joint umbrella to regional, national and European customers and co-operation partners. Due to its structure, the ECCT provides an enhanced knowledge horizon both to its member parties and external partners.

Within the frame of the proposed Transnational Access Project, ECCT will provide access to international user groups to its high performance state of the art cutting technologies and to specialised installations, which cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. Furthermore, access is provided to a broad variety of process analysis and materials characterisation technology. The ECCT infrastructure provides the user access to unique installations allowing a holistic approach in high performance cutting research. The user is not restricted to one technology, but can perform comparative studies using different technologies.

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