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Secured Urban Transportation - European Demonstration


SECUR-ED Project federates, with a delegated management and in a balanced manner, major operators and top industrial integrators to enhance the security of urban public transportation in medium and large cities, through live demonstrations.
Based on the best practices, in a very diverse societal and legacy environment, SECUR-ED will aggregate a consistent and interoperable mix of technologies and processes, covering all aspects, from risk assessment to complete training packages.
SECUR-ED rationale is to create a global European improvement in mass transportation security through the development of packaged modular solutions validated through the demonstrations, and made available to the full community of operators.
The process will follow a strict methodology to translate the threats into a system-of-systems architecture and interoperability language, as well as in assessing the results obtained.
The different modules (made up of best practices, procedures, training and hardware and software) are selected and packaged with standard interfaces, ready to be integrated. Similarly standard interfaces are developed to host such modules in the legacy transport infrastructures.
With a good coverage of the diverse priorities, integration is performed in the networks of four cities (Madrid, Paris, Milan and Berlin), validating the security enhancement packages, becoming a showcase of this unique European initiative.
This is only the start point: a set of medium size cities will then use the above tool-kit to assess their risks and design their own solutions through adapted demonstrations, staff training to best practices, technical upgrades …
To amplify the process, with the support of the professional associations, the Advisory Groups (Operators, First responders and Authorities) will conduct an active dissemination of the project results to the community of urban transport stakeholders in Europe.

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