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Research Infrastructure Wageningen NMR Centre: NMR in Agriculture, Food and Biology


The Wageningen NMR Centre is a unique NMR facility in Europe. It offers User access to various NMR spectrometers (ranging from low to high magnetic fields, including imaging, solid state (MAS) and liquid state NMR, LC-NMR-MS), with applications ranging from molecular to intact plant level. Therefore, the facility covers a unique range of possibilities and applications in agriculture, food sciences, biology, environmental sciences, soil sciences, biotechnology and (bio) physics.

The operation of the Centre is based on a fruitful local collaboration of several groups from different scientific fields and the extended know-how and experience available from the NMR and MRI specialists. The facility offers access to and training on the NMR spectrometers, databases (metabonomics), data processing, and interpretation of NMR data (such as image processing, molecular dynamics, and molecular modelling calculations) for application of NMR in Agriculture, Food and Biology.

For the next years an increasing interest is expected within the Community for biological, agrofood, and environmental sciences and the related demand on the use of advanced equipment. Especially in new post-genomic applications (in vivo) NMR spectroscopy, LC-NMR-MS methods and functional MRI will play an important role. The available 3T MRI and LC-NMR-MS systems are rather unique and are prepared for these new applications on (post) genomics, metabonomics, functional imaging, food authenticity and safety.

Within the infrastructure access will be made available to the NMR facilities and the related infrastructure of analytical facilities (for example a new ESR, including a high sensitivity cavity, advanced mass spectrometry and optical (micro)spectroscopy techniques). In addition, a large number of software packages, databases and programmes is available for data analysis and simulation.

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