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Collaborative information, Acquisition, Processing, Exploitation and Reporting for the prevention of organised crime


Organised crime use information technology systems to communicate, work or expand their influence. Current tools for the fight against organised crime have shown their limits and reflect the need to develop a scalable tool to track them more efficiently.
CAPER’s objective is to build a common collaborative and information sharing platform for the detection and prevention of organised crime in which the Internet is used (e.g. sale of counterfeit or stolen goods, cyber crime) and which exploits Open Source Intelligence. State intelligence agencies are becoming more inclined to using Open Source Intelligence (OSI), and particularly tools typically associated with the Social or Semantic Internet.
The techniques and technologies applied by CAPER to Open Source Intelligence will also be applied to “Close Source Intelligence”, i.e. existing information systems in use by the LEAs. Both sets of information will be processed and exploited equally allowing one to infer on the other. The analysis modules built in the CAPER project will also give new value to existing intelligence through image, video, speech and biometric analysis.
CAPER will provide Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) with a common operational platform for Open Source Intelligence complemented by standards based interfaces sets. It will allow easy integration with legacy systems and future applications. Analysis modules for multilingual and multimedia content (multiple languages, voice, text, audio, image, video and biometrics) and application of the analysis technologies in exiting information systems (Closed Sources) will be included to gain new value and spot missed clues.
Caper groups European partners which bring their technological expertises for video, speech, image, biometric analysis, Open Source information acquisition and ETL technologies, but also Law Enforcement Agencies for the definition of their needs and the integration of the system, which will guarantee the success of the project

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