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Centre of Excellence for Optical Spectroscopy Applications in Physics, Material Science and Environmental Protection


The aim of this project is to improve the level of scientific and technological research in the Centre for Solid State Physics and New Materials (Institute of Physics) in order to become the Centre of Excellence for Optical Spectroscopy Applications (OPSA) in Physics, Material Science and Environmental Protection. The OPSA Centre should contribute to tightening the existing and establishing new links with European Centres in the field of applications of the advanced spectroscopy techniques in diverse fields of the natural science, through the vigorous exchange of scientists between OPSA Centre and European Institutes and Universities, international workshops and training of young scientists. This Centre offers its advanced experimental and theoretical tools: A family of optical spectroscopy methods for studies of condensed matter with particular emphasis on optical phenomena in solid state, defects in semiconductors and insulators, low dimensional structures, nano-crystals; i. e.: -The high resolution Fourier Transform far-infrared and infrared transmission and reflection spectroscopy.? -The photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy at low and high temperatures under high pressure in a diamond anvil cell, and high magnetic fields. We expect from this project to improve the current experimental techniques concerning the sensitivity and resolution, thus bringing this equipment to European level. By making the OPSA Centre of excellence in the Balkan region we expect to be capable of cooperating in the future programs of European Community. Besides, through the education and training of young researchers in European laboratories, special courses in OPSA and using modern equipment in research, we expect to expand the front of excellence to the west Balkan countries, keeping the experts in the region and broadening perspectives for high level education, research and ability of employment of the young people

Call for proposal

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Pregrevica 118
Beograd, Zemun