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Rational Bioactive Materials Design for Tissue Regeneration


The development of functional materials for tissue regeneration is today mostly based on perceived and limited design criteria often using a single point approach with lengthy animal trials. The outcome after in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation is often disappointing resulting in a tedious iteration process. The main objective of this project is to achieve radical innovations in state-of-the-art biomaterials and to design highly performing bioinspired materials learning from natural processes. By this outcome driven project comprising first class academic and industrial participants the project will create scientific and technical excellence and through links with these SMEs will strengthen the technological capacity and their ability to operate competitively on an international market. BIODESIGN will (i) perform a careful retrospective-analysis of previous outcomes from clinical studies performed with humans through animal modelling in a reverse engineering approach applied to an in-vitro to the molecular design level, (ii) develop new strategies for a more rational design of ECM mimetic materials serving both as gels and load carrying scaffolds, (iii) link novel designs to adequate and more predictive in-vitro methods allowing significant reduction in development time and use of animals and (iv) evaluate these concepts for musculoskeletal and cardiac regeneration. By the development of safe, ethically and regulatory acceptable, and clinically applicable materials this project will promote harmonization while at the same time creating awareness in society of the benefits of these innovations as one of the key points is to improve health and quality of life of the patients. BIODESIGN will stimulate technological innovation, utilization of research results, transfer of knowledge and technologies and creation of technology based business in Europe. It will also support the development of world-class human resources, making Europe a more attractive to top researchers.

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