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Reinforcing nanostructure laboratory

Final Report Summary - NANOLABFOR (Reinforcing nanostructure laboratory)

The NANOLABFOR project aimed to assist the further development of the Serbian nanoscience research centre Nanostructure Laboratory (NanoLab) of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Belgrade. It was performed by strengthening human and material resources of NanoLab, which is necessary to continue and improve high standards theoretical and experimental research and widen its scope. Significant contribution to the brain-drain preventing was realised through new job opportunities for young researchers in the cutting edge scientific field (Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) priority theme 3), and permanent personal development within networking with the leading European research laboratories.

The main objectives of the project NANOLABFOR were:

- NanoLab material basis upgrading.
Material basis upgrading was mostly completed during the first year of the project, while only minor funds were used to this end afterwards to improve some of the experimental lines. This included purchasing of several new equipments and informational resources, as well as completing, renewing and repairing of the existing experimental lines. Further, during the project duration, NanoLab was significantly strengthened by other funds with electron microscopy and a computer cluster.

- Strengthening NanoLab human resources.
Tree young scientists were employed in NanoLab during the first year. Their Ph.D. studies and beginning of the research was monitored by the senior members of NanoLab. All of them made indisputable progress, passing exams and publishing the first papers. Intensive development in nanoscience, manifested through many new experimental and theoretical methods, makes trainings an important part of strengthening of human resources. Within NANOLABFOR project, this was performed by a number of experts, especially from the collaborating laboratories.

- Research networking.
Well established and fruitful collaborations with prominent European research laboratories of NanoLab were continued and greatly strengthened during the last project. Coherent and complementary approach to different scientific problems in the field resulted in eight joint scientific papers in the leading international journals, two workshops organised by NanoLab with participation of the researchers from the partner laboratories, and ten presentations of the joint results on the international conferences. Therefore, this task was successfully realised, by the permanent exchange of knowledge and joint research with partners.

- Dissemination of nanoscience methods to the local community.
Along the whole duriation of NANOLABFOR project, NanoLab was involved in a number of actions with this aim. Dozens of popular seminars and lectures were made, visibility in media was provided, and the website was redesigned and permanently maintained to give information on the project, NanoLab activities and nanoscience in general. Numerous publications and workshops have contributed towards the wider and more complete knowledge dissemination possible.

The plan of NANOLABFOR project included simultaneous and interrelated work on the achievement of these objectives. The plan was completely fulfilled within the budget.

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