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Roll-to-roll PAper Sensors


ROPAS aims to develop a wireless sensor device on a paper surface which can be manufactured using high-end and low-cost printing techniques.
A technological platform is created on a fiber based substrate consisting of the following building blocks: 1. a planar printed battery, 2. a (wireless) signaling device, and 3. a printed sensor switch. Hereto, recent advantages in nanotechnology ((encapsulation) printing, surface modification of fiber based products, sensor and battery development), biotechnology (enzyme encapsulation) and ICT (wireless communication) are integrated on paper.
The technological platform can be used to create various high impact (security) applications, which are demonstrated in security tags and smart labels for anti counterfeiting purposes to integrate displays in paper and smart track and trace envelopes. ROPAS will demonstrate products which give the consumer the benefit of saving time and giving more information about the package than possible today, at a low additional cost. Simultaneously creating new products and virgin businesses to boost the paper and pulp industry.
The project results in: design guidelines for the technological platform, the creation of printable sensor materials, and processes for printing of such materials including conditioning of the paper substrates.
The consortium is carefully constructed based on:
1. Technologically advanced SMEs: Enfucell (printed battery), and MPicoSys(system architecture), who both received awards for there innovative strength and S2 Grupo (ICT security);
2. SMEs and companies with high potential to market and exploit ROPAS technology: Starcke (security tags), Velpa (smart labels) and ELEP (smart envelopes), Loginle (security shipping) and Oce (printed intelligence);
3. High impact RTDs: TNO (sensor development, coating, printing, ICT), VTT (paper modification, intelligent printing processes, enzyme technology), CEA (battery development) and Itene (environmental studies)

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