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SuPLight - Sustainable and efficient Production of Light weight solutions


Light weight component and solutions are increasingly important for a more sustainable world, and aluminium wrought alloys have large potentials for dramatic weight reduction of structural parts. The production of virgin aluminium is, however, highly energy consuming and a higher degree of recycling of aluminium is needed to achieve sustainable industry models for aluminium based components and products. The SuPLight project will address new industrial models for sustainable light weight solutions – with 75% recycling in high-end structural components based on wrought alloys. Advanced optimisation algorithms will be used for product and process optimisation with up to 50% increased weight/performance ratio. The project will bridge from atomic scale to continuum FEM simulations as well as tolerance simulations. Novel business models with a holistic life cycle view and higher reactivity to customer contribute to a better impact from the new methods and technology developed in the project.
SuPLight will be a multidisciplinary research project, combining physics at the atomic scale level, metal¬lurgy, continuum mechanics, structural mechanics, optimization algorithms, tolerance analysis, life cycle analysis, manufacturing and business modelling. This multidisciplinary is a large challenge but also the key to the real step-change from the project. SuPLight goes beyond prior knowledge on how to reduce weight in structural parts and improve the holistic eco-design of aluminium wrought alloys and to build novel sustainable industry models with a holistic life cycle approach. The project aims to develop new theories, methods and concepts that will be thoroughly tested and demonstrated through the project period. The results will be transformed into new business models, showing how these new approaches can be enabled for other industries as well. Industrial exploitation of the results and to create impact for the European society will be in focus throughout the project

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