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Reinforcing research center for quantum and optical metrology

Final Report Summary - QUPOM (Reinforcing research center for quantum and optical metrology)

The research of QUPOM focussed on quantum optics and holography. Their work is responsible for most of the R & D of optical standards in the country and is based on stabilized lasers and interferometry. Over the course of the project they provided services through accredited measurements. Senior staff taught graduate courses at Physics Faculty and are mentors of MsC and PhD thesis. The centre now has 13 members, 5 senior researchers, 7 graduate students and 1 technician. Part time members are professor from the Medical Faculty and the student. All of them work together on the same project financed by the Ministry of Science. They research quantum interference phenomena during laser-atom interaction that generates sub-natural linewidth, enhancement of the index of refraction, non-linear magneto-optical effects with applications in a new generation of atomic clocks, standards of length, ultra precision magnetometry, communication systems for pulse compression and for optical memories. We study photon interference as a process of accumulation in time of individual events (impacts), recorded in recent experiments in grating interferometers as well as in Mach Zehnder interferometer. We developed new holographic materials, use novel applications of holographic methods and materials in biomedicine and nano-scale patterning, use optical coherence tomography for accurate measurement of internal dental structures, develop holographic nanostructures and their use in optical metrology. We have obtained support from nine leaders in our field. Their names and letters are at They will help both our students and stuff to increase knowledge and experience in modern optics. We will obtain equipment necessary for the competitive research and hire new students. The work will improve the standards of optical metrology and measuring methods, incorporate into ISO system of accredited measurements and improve quality of our services for the society.