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Content archived on 2024-05-28

'Crimmigration': Crime Control in the Borderlands of Europe

Final Report Summary - CRIMMIGRATION ('Crimmigration': Crime Control in the Borderlands of Europe)

During its duration, the project has published 30 scientific articles (10 in peer-reviewed journals and 20 in edited collections), 2 monographs, and 5 edited collections. In addition to monthly meetings, the project had also organised 5 conferences and seminars with international participants, as well as a large conference on criminalization of migration and rights (with approx 100 participating members of the Norwegian public) in the House of Literature, the main public venue in Oslo. Members of the project team have been active participants in public debates about migration. Only in the course of 2015/16, the PI presented the project for various departements of the Departement of Justice, The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, Immigration Appeals Board, the main Police conference, conference of the Immigration Police, conference of the Intelligence Police officers, as well as various NGOs.

In addition to public impact, the project has had an academic impact in terms of achieving its objective of making immigration control an important field of criminological research (which it was not 5 years ago, at the beginning of the roject). The PI held plenary talks at several major academic conferences (European Society of Criminology 2015, British Society of Criminology 2013, Swedish Sociological Association 2013 and Law and Society in Oslo 2015). An article co-authored by the PI and Helene O.I. Gundhus receieved the Radzonowitz prize for best article in the British Journal of Criminology in 2015. Moreover, the PI established in 2013 together with profs. Sharon Pickering and Mary Bosworth a popular and successful book series dedicated to criminological research on immigration and border Control entitled "Routledge Studies in Criminal Justice, Borders and Citizenship", as well as a special SSRN series, offering open access to many of the publications on the topic including those of Our project members).

As a summary, the PI has made a important contribution in making the field of border control a central and vibrant field within criminology and studies of criminal justice. Her publications are already highly cited, with her article "Crimmigrant Bodies and Bona Fide Travellers" (with 141 citations) already being the 22nd most cited article in the journal Theoretical Criminology. Also the book Globalization and Crime (2013) is highly cited with 251 citations in Google Scholar.