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BIO-IMAGing in research INnovation and Education


This Project aims at enhancing the potential of the Nencki Institute to participate actively in international research in neurobiology that uses cutting edge biological imaging techniques. Over the recent years bio-imaging has become the primary investigation method at the Institute and represents one of its strategic development areas for the next decade. A multi-level application of bio-imaging approaches will improve the understanding of animal and human biology from molecular and organelle levels through cell function to the whole organism. In line with this approach, BIO-IMAGINE aims at fostering interactions of the Institute with leading research partners in Europe, expanding the scope of technologies used at the Institute and broadening its know-how. This will strengthen the competence of the Institute and increase its attractiveness to researchers from other institutions and countries. BIO-IMAGINE project will enhance the position of the Institute as a regional competence centre and an important node of the Euro-BioImaging (European Biomedical Imaging Infrastructure) initiative in Europe. Six specific objectives have been identified as major steps in achieving the main goal of the project: (i) to attract researchers with international experience to the Institute by creating a favourable environment for conducting highest quality research – recruitment of 12 experienced scientists; ii) to reinforce and consolidate the cooperation between 14 Nencki research groups and their respective partners from prominent research institutions in Europe; (iii) to stimulate innovation by exchange of know-how and experience in the area of technology transfer (iv) to strengthen the relevant Nencki research infrastructure by acquiring additional research equipment; (v) to promote international knowledge exchange by organizing a series of workshops and conferences; (vi) to popularize science and raise social awareness of bio-imaging potential among different stakeholder groups.

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Research Organisations
Administrative Contact
Marta Rucinska (Ms.)
EU contribution
€ 2 550 000