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Building blocks concepts for efficient and safe multiuse urban electrical vehicles


While architectural requirements, and mechanical and thermal constraints imposed on an electrical powertrain are much less stringent when compared to conventional ICE based vehicles, the needs for cost reduction and range enhancement demand light structures, advanced aerodynamic solutions and optimisation of the drive train as a whole.
WIDE-MOB addresses the design and development of EV’s basic building blocks, including:
- Optimised aerodynamic bodies with embedded synthetic micro-jets that radically reduce the drag at any speeds
- Lightweight and low cost bodies designed for high safety under both frontal and lateral crash
- Overall system optimisation based on distributed propulsion including: i) fail safe distributed propulsion; ii) e-motor and torque control of the wheel; iii) integrated power-energy management and distributed battery-supercapacitor packs (high efficiencies over a wide torque/speed range demanded by real-use driving cycles).
- Application of EMC-EMR and low frequency electromagnetic field (EMF) design concepts based on “prudent avoidance practices” for field mitigation on occupants. The high currents and voltages produced in electric drive trains pose new problems in terms of EMF which may become a health risk to occupants
- Modular and reconfigurable design addressing the WIDEst needs with ergonomic on board space
- Solar panels distributed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces with adaptive electronic for a higher range of operation and minimal needs of infrastructures
The 3-year WIDE-MOB project will deliver:
- A prototype and demo vehicle for urban mobility integrating the proposed innovative concepts.
- Guidelines for the developed concepts to be widely applied to most EVs and HEvs architectures thus generating IPR and knowledge/experience upon which to build a world-leading EU position to track and exploit the global uptake of electrical mobility.

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