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Research and development of the European Transport Network Model – Transtools Version 3


The objective of the project is to upgrade and further develop the current TRANSTOOLS model, here referred to as TT2, to a new and improved European transport demand and network model (TT3).

The project will improve the methodological basis of TRANSTOOLS, improve and validate its data foundation, deal with known deficiencies of the existing model, make the software faster and more efficient, and focus on the user needs, model documentation and model validation.

The model will be updated to the 2010 base year based upon ETISplus data. The level of detail with regard to the rail, maritime and air transport modules will be increased. The aim here is to better analyse issues of cost, capacity and externalities of transport. The impact assessment model will be improved.

Cross cutting activities will focus on methodological improvements of the model, updating and validating the data, re-estimating and re-calibrating the model, and performing an overall validation of the entire framework. Special focus will be on making the model more efficient with regard to calculation time, yet without compromising on the scientific validity with regard to causal relationships and described transport behaviour.

The TT3 will deliver a validated, well documented and user friendly model that will provide policy makers with a tool for assessing and developing better transport policies. TT3 will continue the tool-box approach from prior versions of the model, which ensures that it can address the needs of many different types of user, for example analyses of EU-wise transport policies, analyses of TEN-projects and links to interregional and national project appraisals. The final model of TT3 will be IPR free and more open than the present model.

The consortium ensures links back to TT1, TT2, a number of other relevant Framework projects, and ensures a strong University research base including several of the leading European Universities. This guarantees a clolink to recent research.


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