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International collaboration to extend and advance grid education


ERA is investing heavily in e-Infrastructure (e-I) to stimulate industry, improve the lives of citizens, accelerate research and gain international competitive advantage. For Europe to realise this expectation, there needs to be a diverse, knowledgeable, creative community, skilfully exploiting e-I. ICEAGE will catalyse the necessary infrastructure and skills by establishing a worldwide initiative to inspire innovative and effective Grid Education (GE). By GE we mean not only education in the use of the Grid, but also the use of the Grid in education. We use the term "Grid" in a broad sense to include computing technology, working practices and policies that underpin e-I.

Good education in rapidly advancing scientific domains is particularly labour intensive. It must draw on the expertise of a small community of pioneers. A major objective of ICEAGE is to provide an effective mechanism for distilling their knowledge and rapidly propagating it across Europe. ICEAGE will create a forum to bring together experts worldwide to expand and advance GE. Building on EGEE, ICEAGE will enable students and educators to obtain and develop GE via sustained, large-scale, multi-purpose e-Is. ICEAGE will demonstrate the wide potential of Grids, revealing new creative and business opportunities and leading to the inclusion of social, ethical and economic issues in educational programmes. ICEAGE will show clearly how education can benefit from e-I.

ICEAGE will deliver a programme of educational events. Its outcome will be the adoption by European Universities of courses in many disciplines to support the deployment and exploitation of e-I. ICEAGE will ensure that citizens are well prepared to use e-I in their private and professional lives. It will stimulate European educators by closely coupling the ICEAGE forum with a pioneering educational system, based on e-I, involving a dynamic programme of events, shared strategies, information and material.

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