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Exploring conductive and metallic hydrogen

Final Report Summary - METALLICHYDROGEN (Exploring conductive and metallic hydrogen)

Metallic hydrogen considered as a Holy Grail of high-pressure physics for last 80 years and was unreachable goal of intensive theoretical and experimental work. We for the first time observed conductivity in hydrogen sample and likely metallic (semi-metallic) behaviour of hydrogen at pressures ~300-350 GPa. Our conclusions that hydrogen turns to metal in molecular state through closing of the band gap is in good agreement with the recent theoretical works. We also have found a new molecular phases, and established the new phase diagram of hydrogen.
We have done another major discovery – we found superconductivity with the record critical temperature of 203 K in hydrogen sulphide. Unlike other high temperature unconventional superconductors hydrogen sulphide is described by conventional BCS theory of superconductivity. This discovery opened a new way for room temperature superconductivity. The main results are published in the following papers: Nature 525, 73, (2015); Science, 351, 1303 (2016); Nature Materials, 10, 927 (2011); Nature Physics, 12, 835 (2016); Nature Physics 13, 859 (2017).