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Science-based Paradigm Shift for Metalworking Fluids - the Art of Cooling


The overall goal of the project is to elaborate the scientific foundations for possible future innovations in the application of metalworking
fluids (MWFs). For most mechanical machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding the use of MWFs is indispensable
as they perform several essential functions in material removal processes, such as cooling of workpiece and tool, reduction of heat
generation by lubrication, removal of chips and promotion of chemical reactions with the surface.
In the past decades the scientific understanding of MWF effectiveness could not keep up with the rapid developments in the industrial
application of MWFs. As a consequence of this lack of knowledge, today’s MWFs consist of up to 60 chemical components with partly
harmful properties and thus hazardous potential for the operator and the environment.
Hence, this project will aim towards scientific based innovations and suggests a four-mission approach for stimulating a paradigm shift in
MWF features and application. Research will include: a) fundamental research on physical, chemical, and microbial working mechanisms,
which allows MWF components e.g. with controlled chemical activity, b) new MWF design e.g. the development of MWFs which consist of
lubricating bacteria replacing today’s paradigms such as the usage of additives and oil in water emulsions, c) simplified MWF maintenance
and supply by e.g. in-process self-controlled chemical MWF composition and adaptation of the MWF supply system for temperature and
force reduction, and d) verification and transfer of the innovative, alternative systems e.g. on a test bench in a realistic environment being
part of a demonstration center. The distinguishing feature of the approach will be its cross-disciplinary and comprehensive nature.

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28359 Bremen

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Bremen Bremen Bremen, Kreisfreie Stadt
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Ekkard Brinksmeier (Prof.)
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Angelika Langpaap (Mrs.)
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