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Coin verifier

Exploitable results

COVER is a coin recognizer and smart card interface for systems such as vending machines and public phones. It can be tuned for high performance and low power telephony applications. The product is used in Europe, of course, but above all in many emerging markets throughout the world: South America, Asia etc.. Basically, COVER is a custom ARM-based ASIC with analogue and digital electronics that can perform several tests on the coins: size, weight, magnetic characteristics and resonance tests. The magnetic tests are able to detect three different types of alloy in the coins, either in concentric rings or sandwiched. The resonance test, which has been patented, can easily detect high value fakes with accuracy. Along with its ability to detect fake coins, the system is also characterized by its flexible design which makes it reliable, easy to manufacture, calibrate and maintain as well as easily customized for new coin sets or fakes. The technology developed for the different sensors could be applied to other industrial uses where sensing technology is required. Current and future users of the system include Jofemar itself, other companies which assemble vending machines, and public phone manufacturers.

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