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Modeling new typologies of economic agents

Final Report Summary - MODELING TYPOLOGIES (Modeling new typologies of economic agents)

An economic agent enters a microeconomic model with an "identity card" specifying certain details that the modeler decides are relevant in the context. A type, which is meant to provide the basis for a full specification of the agent's behavior in any conceivable situation, essentially captures this identity card. In most economic models, a type is the preference relation that guides the agent’s behavior.
The focus of this project was on finding new typologies. I was looking for experimental evidence for their “existence” and I intended to construct models based on new typologies.

This was an ambitious project and I made only small steps forward. Nonetheless, I believe that I did establish the experimental distinction between instinctive and contemplative economic agents. With co-authors and I constructed new models where the new heroes are “problem solvers” and in particular “agents who think strategically in categories”.