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Randomness ad Irreversibility in Physics


"This multidisciplinary exchange programme examines the origins and formal characterization of randomness, indeterminism and irreversibility in physics, as well as their connections.

Studies of quantum indeterministic processes and their specification and relation with respect to formal algorithmic and statistical measures of indeterminism and randomness have just started; the area requires profound knowledge of logic, mathematics and computer science, as well as of physics. The rendition of physical indeterminism; e.g. in realizations of physical random number generators, is a very delicate issue, involving, for instance, considerations about the statistical independence of the events which constitute the basis of such devices; as well as the very nature of the randomness resource.

Another long-lasting question is how physical irreversibility comes about. The existence of irreversible physical processes and an ""arrow of time"" in statistical physics are often derived by probabilistic arguments, but this remains a delicate issue.

In the proposed cooperation, we would like to investigate the connection between physical irreversibility as it relates to indeterminism and randomness. One of our goals is to investigate whether or not irreversibility can be proved from physical indeterminism and randomness."

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Karl Svozil (Prof.)
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