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Stability of composite structures for civil engineering applications


My research project is mainly oriented towards Stability theory of elastic, elastoplastic and damaged structural systems. The project is consisting of two distinct parts:

- Buckling of beams

Beams or columns are one-dimensional media, very current in the field of civil engineering. The project is focused on the stability and the vibrations of these structural elements, both for the in-plane and the out-of-plane behaviour. The lateral-torsional buckling of elastic beams will be investigated. The vibrations (and stability) of Timoshenko beams, but also sandwich beams or composite beams with interlayer slip will be theoretically and numerically studied. Some specific applications for reinforced concrete columns will be presented. We will also investigate the buckling behaviour of cracked section members, with specific applications in civil engineering. Some possible connection between small-size structural phenomena and civil engineering structures will be presented.

- Buckling of plate systems

This part will be devoted to the buckling behaviour of two-dimensional structural elements such as plate elements. Buckling of elastic plate including the post-buckling behaviour will be carefully studied. Application for composite or sandwich plates will be presented. The competition between local and global buckling will be specifically studied. Some inelastic effects such as plasticity or damage can be formally introduced in the model.

Field of science

  • /engineering and technology/civil engineering/structural engineering

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Funding Scheme

MC-IEF - Intra-European Fellowships (IEF)


Problemveien 5-7
0313 Oslo
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 147 080
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Yngvar Reichelt (Mr.)