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Pilot International X.25 Infrastructure


The IXI project is the central service of the Eureka COSINE Project (EU8), in which the European Commission participates. It provides an X.25-based network service which interconnects national research networks and international research centres at highe r speeds than are currently available using public networks.
The objectives of IXI are to:
demonstrate the feasibility of interconnecting national networks by means of X.25
investigate the management structures required for interconnection of separately managed networks
provide a more reliable and higher capacity international network service for the research community than that currently available (currently 64 Kbit/s is offered)
provide the network service to provide access to the range of services developed as part of the COSINE project.

Work on the project began in 1989, with the opening of the service in 1990. Service is now provided to national research networks in 18 countries, and is connected to public data networks in five countries, permitting industrial researchers to collaborate with the academic community. In its first year of operation traffic has increased rapidly, to a current total of approximately 25 gigabytes carried each month. The national networks in Germany and the United Kingdom have both found the service so popular that they have had to double their connections to it.
Following the success of the pilot, RARE has launched a call for tender for a production service to provide in the future over. This service will have similarly extensive coverage. It is also planned to provide higher capacities (2 Mbit/s access) by 1992.


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