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Development of key technology components for high performance electric motors


"HPEM technological research program proposes the integration of emerging permanent magnet motor and position sensor technologies in high power density, fault tolerant actuator designs which could be an integral part of a rotorcraft swashplate electromechanical actuation system with superior dynamic response and fault ride through capability. Innovative permanent magnet and insulating material technologies, involving particular Neodymium alloy permanent magnet materials with small substitution for iron by Cobalt enabling to substantially improve high temperature performance as well as specially enameled winding wires treated through vacuum pressure impregnation techniques, respectively, in conjunction with design optimization methodologies based on embedded permanent magnet topologies are going to be applied at the program operational level..
The HPEM project is divided in three Work Packages. WP1 is oriented to the better understanding of the specifications and the validation plan through motor and sensor preliminary design and pilot hardware manufacturing. WP2 is the project core development that covers critical design of motor and sensor modules resulting in the proposal of two alternative configurations and delivery of respective prototypes. Embedded permanent magnet and flux-switching topologies as well as photo-diode, photo-transistor and Hall effect sensor formulations are going to be evaluated on the basis of performance and reliability requirements. Finally, WP3 covers manufacturing and testing of the remaining twelve prototypes to be delivered. During this WP all specific test benches will be developed so that the technological readiness level expected will be certified.
HPEM project success could allow safer aeronautic transports as well as size and weight reduction of generation equipment. Significant reduction in maintenance and overall environmental impacts is expected to be achieved too."

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Petrou Ralli & Thivon 250
12244 Egaleo
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 187 050
Administrative Contact
Pavlos Kouros (Prof.)