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Piezo Power Supply Module for Piezo Actuator Bench


"The Green Rotorcraft research Consortium of Clean Sky (CS-GRC) requests the development of a Piezo Power Supply module (PPS) and the associated Man Machine Interface (MMI).
CEDRAT (coordinator, SME) and UJF-G2ELAB (partner, lab from Grenoble Joseph Fourier University) forms a consortium using their shared experience on piezoelectric actuators and high efficiency high power supplies to meet the GRC request by the PPSMPAB project.
The PPSMPAB project aims at developing 2 PPS offering the highest required power (16kVA) with a high efficiency, for driving piezo actuators, accounting for further helicopter applications.
The proposed development splits the need in 3 main items: The preferred DC-DC converter providing the DC sources would be an isolated full bridge resonant converter, with adjustable bus DC voltage. The DC-AC 2-channels switching amplifier will provide the 2x8kVA power with adjustable output voltage range. The preferred approach is today a full bridge offering bipolar output. For highest targeted voltages, multilevel amplifiers will be considered. The MMI will combine a digital platform and associate software, preferred one being Labview Real-Time RIO.
For the PPSMPAB project, CEDRAT and UJF-G2ELAB propose the following WBS: WP1 - Management: CEDRAT will perform a technical, contractual and financial administration of the project and will guarantee the objectives and deadline complying. WP2 - Design concept & architecture: UJF-G2ELAB will analyse electronic architectures (several being identified in the proposal) and technologies (MOSFET vs IGBT) and will present the results in form of trade-off, allowing the GRC Consortium to select the one to develop. WP3 - Detailed design & manufacturing: CEDRAT will perform the PPSM detailed design and manufacture two prototypes. WP4 - System validation tests: CEDRAT will perform requested tests on PAB and EDS benches and provide both support and the final report with recommendations on PPS modules."

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