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International Alliances for Preventive Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution: Peace Negotiations and Implemented Resilience Strategies


Global challenges must be met with an emphasis on peace and negotiation, in harmony with other actors, through alliances and international consensus. The literature on psychology applied to international negotiation has been progressing at a theoretical level, but we know much less about how to master interacting cognitive and affective processes to shape judgements and decisions. Our psychological cognitive-motivational approach may help to widening the understanding and improvement of relational abilities reducing potential risks of negotiations failures due to psychological barriers. Our approach could provoke positive operational consequences due to its multidisciplinary perspective in integrating specific political and socio-psychological knowledge and techniques applied to structured training contexts for negotiators and mediators. To us, it is important how people negotiate: as such our approach is unequivocally concerned with issues of process. It is important, for instance, together with cognitive processes to study and research on the effects of specific emotional processes in games and negotiations; or the effects of emotion suppression Vs expression in negotiation; or the development of resilience tools in people in the face of stress. As matter of fact, this research project will foresee two interrelated and interdependent researches with USA and European Union (EU) negotiators: a) on negotiation styles, and b) on human characteristics of negotiators. Our goal is not to proclaim “winners” and “losers” in a forecasting contest but rather to study how highly trained professionals and diplomats reason and feel about complex real-world processes under conditions of stress and uncertainty. Moreover, to try to understand, a little bit more European and American diplomat thinking in its evolution, to provide a benchmark for future comparison and discussion with practical and operational implications for the realm of International conflict resolution

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