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"Chiral Metallopolymers: Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Applications"


"The creation of chiral molecules and materials is of major current interest and of key importance to pharmacy, biochemistry, and materials science. Recently, metal-containing polymers (metallopolymers) have emerged as highly promising advanced materials due to their potential uses in various fields. However, the chiral characteristics of metallopolymers are virtually unexplored. We propose to create chiral metallopolymers and chiral self-assembled materials with interesting and important properties. Briefly, the work includes the synthesis of chiral polymeric structures, the induction of helical conformations, and fabrication of chiral self-assembled materials. A variety of novel methods, for instance, using chiral coordinative ligands, grafting with chiral polymeric blocks, templated by DNAs and inorganic chiral materials, and uniform deposition of polymeric helices, will be applied to create chiral metallopolymers with chirality on both/either molecular and/or supramolecular level(s). Applications in asymmetric catalysis, chiral recognition and chromatography, and displays are possible. To achieve these exciting objectives, we propose to send an exceptionally talented student, Huibin Qiu, with key expertise in chiral materials from his Ph.D. work in a top group in China (that of Shunai Che), to the research group of Ian Manners at the University of Bristol, a top group in the field of metallopolymers."

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Beacon House Queens Road
BS8 1QU Bristol
United Kingdom

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Vince Boyle (Mr.)
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€ 201 049,60