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Precision study of W bosons pair production in association with jets at High Energy Colliders


With the beginning of the experimental programs at the LHC, the need to describe multi-particle scattering events with high accuracy has become more pressing. On the theoretical side, perturbative calculation within leading order precision cannot be sufficient, therefore accounting for effects due to Next-to-Leading Order (NLO) corrections becomes mandatory.
In the last few years, tremendous progress in the computation of one-loop virtual corrections for processes involving many particles has been observed. The new ideas based on the universal four-dimensional decomposition for the numerator of the integrand for any one-loop scattering amplitudes, the four-dimensional unitarity-cuts, detecting only the (poly)logarithmic structure of the amplitude, known as the cut-constructible part, and unitarity-cuts in $d$-dimension, yielding the complete determination of dimensionally regulated one-loop amplitudes, appear to give the possibility of developing an automated multi-process evaluator for scattering amplitudes at NLO. In this context, the researcher and his collaborators merged many of the new ideas to develop a new formalism encoded in a public computer program called SAMURAI. SAMURAI is a tool designed for the automated numerical evaluation of one-loop corrections to any scattering amplitudes within the dimensional-regularization scheme.
The potential of SAMURAI will be exploited into all possible high energy physics applications.

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